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Your New Official Huawei Training Partner!

Torque IT has expanded its already robust training portfolio - ​which now comprises of 32 key vendor technologies - to include Huawei training and certification ​options, hereby offering our Client more cutting-edge technology ​solutions.

Our latest partnership as a Huawei Authorised Learning Partner (HALP), gives our Clients access to the latest industry-needed training programs and skills, under Huawei’s guidance. Torque IT together with Huawei are dedicated to the professional training of ICT intellects.

Torque IT launches Huawei Training & Certification Solutions, based on years of experience in developing ICT talents and deep insight into industry developments. The technical certification program, that includes several levels, is created to match the career development life cycle of the ICT industry. The solution leverages Huawei's Cloud-Pipe-Device convergence technology and covers IP, IT, CT, as well as ICT convergence technology. It covers all the technical areas of ICT, which makes it the only one of its kind in the industry.  Huawei Training Courses & Dates