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IT Professionals who need to build technical skills can’t always break away from the office to be in a classroom. They want high-quality training alternatives that are time-efficient and cost-effective. The recent launch of Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand (MOC On-Demand), comprise of complete courses offered in a self-paced format, streamed directly to our Clients. MOC On-Demand combines video, reading, live hands-on labs and knowledge checks to help IT Professionals build skills on Microsoft technologies as their schedules allow it, either all at once or five minutes at a time. The modular, self-directed course structure adapts to learning needs and styles.

Microsoft Official Courses on Demand also offers you measure up practise tests (applicable to courses where MeasureUp is available) that will accompany all courses to support exam preparation. Also benefit from an MCT Mentor that will provide email and chat support to Clients that are completing their training objectives through MOC on Demand.  Speak to the leaders in this arena, contact Torque IT today.