Kepner Tregoe

Kepner-Tregoe® Overview

Kepner-Tregoe is the Problem Solving and Decision Making method that provide organisations with clear thinking capability to cut through the clutter of business complexity, act decisively and address the most complex challenges confronting organisations. These processes equip current and future leaders with the necessary skills that become the foundation of effective leadership.

Kepner-Tregoe offers participants the step-by-step process for successfully solving problems, prioritizing issues, making good decisions, and analyzing potential risks and opportunities.

Torque IT considers Kepner-Tregoe skills and certification to be core to the success of any organization. Authorised Kepner-Tregoe training, and associated certification, ensures that you get the most from your human capital investment and that both productivity and efficiency are maximized.  The Kepner-Tregoe methodology is recommended by ITIL as a best practice for problem analysis in their official Service Operation publication.

Torque IT strives to be the Kepner-Tregoe Accredited Training Associate provider of choice to our clients across South Africa and Africa. To ensure that we maintain our vision of being the preferred training provider in each market, Torque IT has established key specialist partnerships with acknowledged market leaders for each competence.  These achievements reflect our commitment to providing our customers with quality skills development, enablement, training, and certification solutions that demonstrate exceptional depth and breadth.

Torque IT's Kepner-Tregoe training courses will help you deliver smarter solutions on time and within budget. We provide Standard Best Practice training and certification for novice and experienced managers. Torque IT delivers the skills needed at every level of development.

The Kepner-Tregoe Foundation course includes Kepner-Tregoe Methodologies and Intellectual Property owned by Kepner-Tregoe, which is used by permission of Kepner-Tregoe. All rights reserved